A new, big baby hippo is named after your favorite 'Game of Thrones' character


Though Hodor’s no longer equipped to hold doors due to, well, you know…, your Game of Thrones fave just got the tribute he deserves in the form of an adorable new UK zoo resident.

Per SWNS, a male hippo calf weighing 30 kilograms (or about 66 pounds) can thank the Game of Thrones giant for his name. 

Born July 21 to mom Lola and dad Hoover, baby Hodor resides at Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, UK. Zookeeper Angela Robinson said she was fortunate enough to be on site the day Hodor was born.

“The calf and mother are both progressing exactly as we would hope and it won’t be long before we see the pair venture outdoors and explore the outside part of their home for the first time,” she said. Read more…

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