Have You Started to #PrepareforWinter?

Winter arrives July 16. Get ready by playing along with #PrepareforWinter trivia.
Leading up to the Season 7, stream a season each week, and discover the answers to the questions below. Share your answers on Facebook and Twitter using #PrepareforWinter ‒ correct responses will prove you eligible for recognition in the realm. Are you ready for Season 3?

1. According to Jon, how many times has a King Beyond the Wall attacked the Seven Kingdoms?

2. How many Frey women does Robb ask for forgiveness?

3. What are Rickon’s departing words to Bran?

4. How many languages does Mance say are spoken in his army?

5. When Walder Frey sends a raven to King’s Landing about the Red Wedding, how does he refer to Catelyn and Robb?

6. How many castles does Orell say were built to guard the Wall?
6a. Which three are currently manned?
6b. When the Crows patrol the Wall, how many men travel to a group?

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