Keep Up With #PrepareforWinter Trivia

If you have your wits about you, you know winter is coming July 16. Get ready by playing along with #PrepareforWinter trivia.

Continue streaming a season each week leading up to the Season 7 premiere and discover the answers to the questions below. Share your answers on Facebook and Twitter using #PrepareforWinter ‒ correct responses will prove you eligible for recognition in the realm. Are you ready for Season 2?

1. When Sam, Grenn and Edd are digging beyond the Wall, whose shovel hits the marker concealing a stash of dragonglass?
2. What is the first thing Ygritte says to Jon Snow?
3. During the attack on Blackwater Bay, what is Sansa holding when the Hound startles her in her chamber?
4. While speaking with young Bran about magical forces, Maester Luwin mentions three types of creatures; what are they?
5. Daenerys has a snowy vision while visiting the House of the Undying. When she comes across her departed husband and child, what are the first words Drogo says to her?
6. After being unable to name the ruling house of Maidenpool, Arya tells Tywin she’s from what Northern town?
6a. And who is their ruling house? 

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